Industrial Base






Industry is well represented in Quitman. If you ever purchased something to drink or received a gift in an attractive box, odds are it came from our City. Picture of Dart Container Corp, that produces foam cups for many of the fast food restaurants here in the States and abroad.








Quitman represents a new Industrial beginning in shifting from a textile mill City to a broader based manufacturing center. With over 450 square miles of renewable timber and oil & gas assets we are seeing tremendous opportunities in both white and torrified pellets. At the same time thanks to a $70 million dollar investment from a large European Chemical Company the door is open for the production of various chemicals from the cellulose in timber. Locations are available with rail, four lane access, and 1 gigabyte of internet speed.

Dart Container Corporation of Quitman is a foam cup manufacturer whose products are seen in Fast Food Restaurants around the World. (
F. C. Meyer manufactures boxes that are used in the Fast Food Industry as well as Gift Boxes utilized by the most exclusive of Retail Outlets. (
New Biomass Energy, Hickory Street, manufactures a torrified pellet that is clean burning and is used by energy producing companies to reduce CO2 emissions. (
Quitman Tank Solutions, is a manufacturer of storage tanks for the oil and gas industry. Three of the top oil producing Counties joins Clarke County, which is also a top oil and gas producing County.
Fleming Book Binding, is nationally known for binding periodicals, magazines, newspaper inserts, and books. ( )