About Quitman

Quitman is in the South Central Part of Mississippi. We are ideally located 23
miles from Meridian, 110 miles to our State Capital Jackson, and 120 miles to
our Gulf Coast.

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Quitman was started with the purchase of forty-two acres of land in 1836. The cost was $1.25 per acre and in 1839 Quitman was incorporated.  Records still exist and are maintained in the Courthouse above. (History)

Our City is located between lakes in Clarkco State Park and the Archusa Water Park which is located inside City limits. It is also bordered by the Chickasawhay River which was used by keel boats to bring in building supplies that started construction of the City.  Recreation is very important to our Citizens and hunting, fishing, golfing, canoeing, and camping reign supreme.

We are a City of 2,323 Citizens as of the 2010 Census, but over 8,000 live in our 39355 Zip Code. The bulk of businesses are of the “Ma & Pa” variety and people drive for many miles to shop them through their use of social media.

Our Community is Faith Based with over 15 Churches in the City and the small size isn’t obvious with the five Banks that serve the public.  Our Hospital and Health Clinic provide personal care with everyone knowing the Doctors and Nurses. We are a Health Care Zone with a Master Plan as approved by the Governor in 2010, and provide incentives for new Health Care Businesses.

Recently, Quitman became the first Municipality in the State to receive 1 gigabyte of fiber to serve the entire City. Our Quitman School District utilizes the fiber speed incorporating web based educational material to be streamed to individual classrooms.  The School is a Technological Leader, having a Television Station for educational purposes and to improve communication abilities of our students. The station will soon be able to be viewed via computer, but will be Channel 4 in the fall of 2015 and be seen via C Spire, a Mississippi Company. Entrepreneurial Classes have been started and the number of College Courses that can be taken for credit in High School has increased.

Quitman is and has been a leader in recycling, winning the “Best in the State” Recycler. In this City people care and they show it. Stop by and see this great City.